Architectural Landmarks in St. John USVI

Architectural Landmarks in St. John USVI

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  • 02/21/24

For many who visit the lush, tropical setting of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and specifically, the island of St. John, their first order of business is rest and relaxation. Beyond that, the next and last order of business is enjoying the endless outdoor activities the island offers visitors and locals, including always popular snorkeling in the Caribbean or hiking in the 5,500-acre Virgin Islands National Park.

In addition to its natural treasures, St. John is home to some of the Virgin Island's most historical sites and landmarks. Whether you're a current resident looking to broaden your knowledge of the bucolic island or just visiting and want to expand your vacation agenda, below we explore the most notable architectural landmarks in St. John USVI real estate.

Peace Hill Windmill

Overlooking the north shore of St. John, the Peace Hill Windmill is a striking relic of the island's past. Though the windmill itself is no longer standing, its imposing stone base remains a stoic reminder of the sugar plantations that once dominated the landscape. This site is significant for its historical value and offers one of the most serene vistas on the island. Peace Hill is also home to a small trail leading to the ruins of a Danish sugar plantation and the Christ of the Caribbean statue, which once stood as a symbol of peace and hope for the island's residents.

The Emmaus Moravian Church

Located in the heart of Coral Bay, the Emmaus Moravian Church is a simple, understated structure of historical and architectural significance. Built in the late 18th century and overlooking Coral Harbor and Bordeaux Mountain, this still-active church embodies the simplicity and resilience of the Moravian missionaries, who played a crucial role in the island's religious and social history. The church's architecture, with its stone construction and classic lines, offers a glimpse into the past and serves as a functioning place of worship to this day.

The Elaine Ione Sprauve Library and Museum

Housed in a restored plantation house that dates back to the early 19th century, the Elaine Ione Sprauve Library and Museum is a cultural gem on St. John. This landmark not only serves as a repository of the island's history, with artifacts, photographs, and documents detailing its past, but also showcases the elegance of colonial architecture. The building itself, with its graceful verandas and traditional West Indian style, is a testament to the architectural and cultural heritage of St. John.

The Reef Bay Estate

Located in the south-central section of St. John and Virgin Islands National Park, the Reef Bay Estate is not the most accessible of the island's architectural landmarks. Incredible vistas reward those willing to make the steep and often strenuous backcountry hike to see the estate's ruins. From the apex of the Reef Bay Trail, visitors can access the ruins of Reef Bay's Great House and the Reef Bay Petroglyphs. Descend further down the trail, and you reach its end at the Reef Bay Beach and the ruins of its namesake sugar mill. The most well-preserved of the island's mills, including original equipment, Reef Bay was the island's last operating sugar mill before it shut down in the early 1900s.

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