Buyer Information for St. John Real Estate

Buyer Information for St. John Real Estate

The Virgin Island real estate featured on this site is intended to reflect a cross section of the market in price and location. We have a wide selection of properties throughout the island.

For a complete information package about purchasing St. John real estate or if you wish to receive specific information about our listings, please contact us. As REALTORS and members of the multiple listing service (MLS), we can provide you with access to the entire St. John real estate and Virgin Island real estate market.

We have a wide selection of units available to suite every style and budget. On St. John prices range from $210,000 for an “in town” studio, to $990,000 for a two-bedroom unit overlooking the ocean.

If you’d like to explore real estate ownership on St. John , or just talk about trends in the market, feel free to call the Tropical Properties office or one of our agents directly. As members of the MLS, we have a wide range of properties to show you. We can assist you in arranging for financing, insurance and construction, too. Tropical Properties can help make your dream of investing on St. John become a reality.

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Be confident that you have made the right choice in considering Tropical Properties, and we sincerely hope to help you find your piece of paradise on St. John Island. Contact Us today!