EDC Tax Incentive Program in USVI

EDC Tax Incentive Program in USVI

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  • 02/13/24

Whether you're a private luxury real estate investor or connected to an organization seeking expansion or broader economic opportunities, the United States Virgin Islands might be a worthy candidate for your next business venture.

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, to the east of Puerto Rico, the island trio of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix are home to a rich culture, unique ecosystem, and highly advantageous tax incentives looking to spur economic and real estate development in the heart of the tropics.

Let's explore what might be in store for you, your business, and your real estate interests in the throes of Paradise and the U.S. Virgin Island Economic Development Commission's tax incentive program.

What is the VIEDC Tax Incentive Program?

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) tax incentive program in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is a highly appealing initiative, especially relevant for businesses and investors seeking strategic advantages in a luxurious and exotic locale (collectively, the VIEDC). The program — sponsored by the U.S. Government — is designed to foster economic growth and development in the USVI, an area known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture but one without many of its own natural resources.

The program's overall intent is to promote growth and development, help build a diverse economy within the Virgin Islands, and continue to preserve the region's environment and limited natural resources. Effectively, the program reinforces the Virgin Islands' status as a destination for tourism while creating a platform for outside business operations to thrive.

What are the benefits of the VIEDC program?

The core advantage of utilizing the VIEDC program stems from its substantial tax incentives offered to eligible businesses that establish themselves in the USVI. These incentives include:

  • Reduced Corporate Income Tax: Businesses participating in the VIEDC program can benefit from a 90% reduction in corporate income tax. This significant cut makes a considerable impact on a company's bottom line, making the USVI an attractive place for businesses looking to maximize their profitability.

  • Personal Income Tax Reduction: The program also extends a reduction of up to 90% in personal income tax for USVI residents employed by a VIEDC beneficiary. This aspect is particularly alluring for high-net-worth individuals or those looking to relocate to the USVI for employment opportunities.

  • Customs Duty Exemption: Businesses under the VIEDC program can enjoy exemptions from customs duties on imports and exports. This is particularly beneficial for companies involved in international trade, reducing operational costs and streamlining supply chains.

  • Other Tax Benefits: The program also offers other tax incentives, including exemptions on business property tax, gross receipts tax, and excise tax. These comprehensive tax benefits create a financially favorable environment for businesses.

Who is eligible for the VIEDC program?

To qualify for the benefits offered by the VIEDC, applicants must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Employment: Provide full-time jobs to at least ten local residents who have lived in the USVI for at least one year prior to their employment by the beneficiary.

  • Investment: Commit a minimum of $100,000 (excluding inventory) in a business or industry beneficial to the USVI's economic health.

  • Tax compliance: Fulfill the stipulations of Sections 934 and 937 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

  • Investor status: Be a genuine investor in the business seeking VIEDC benefits rather than a contractor or agent.

  • Legal and environmental compliance: Abide by all applicable federal and local laws, including environmental regulations.

  • Shoreline access: If operating near the shoreline, grant public access to the beach or shoreline.

Eligible activities for VIEDC Benefits

The VIEDC categorizes eligible activities into several groups, with the discretion to extend benefits to any business that positively impacts the USVI and its residents:

  • Category I: Focuses on production industries like rum, dairy, and watch and jewelry manufacturing.

  • Category II: Encompasses various manufacturing, assembly, repair, and export operations, including sectors like agriculture, marine, and bottling.

  • Category III: Targets service industries like hotels, healthcare, recreation, transportation, utilities (including alternative energy), and telecommunications.

  • Category IV: Service businesses covering a wide range, from commercial distribution to high-tech sectors like investment banking, consulting services, call centers, and the film industry.

  • Category V: Pertains specifically to international financial service entities with unique regulatory requirements.
You can visit the VIEDC's official website for the complete list of eligible activities.

Why apply for the VIEDC program?

The reduced corporate income tax under the VIEDC program represents a significant financial incentive for businesses seeking a tax-advantageous environment. It's a compelling factor that can influence corporate decisions to relocate or expand operations to the USVI, with positive, long-term effects on the local economy and the luxury real estate market.

If you and your firm are interested in applying, first take stock of your organization's ability to meet the following qualifying and compliance elements:

  • Residency requirement: To qualify for these tax benefits, a business must establish a bona fide corporate presence in the USVI. This involves not just a nominal office but a fully operational base.

  • Economic impact: Beneficiary companies are expected to contribute positively to the USVI economy, which includes providing employment opportunities to local residents and engaging in community development activities.

  • Application and approval process: Businesses must apply to the EDC and undergo a rigorous approval process. This process evaluates the potential economic impact of the business, its viability, and its alignment with the goals of the EDC program.

  • Ongoing compliance: Once approved, companies must adhere to the program's requirements, including periodic reporting and adherence to employment and operational stipulations, to continue enjoying the tax benefits.
In addition to its primary tax incentives, the VIEDC proves highly beneficial for any number of business operations, particularly those seeking flexibility with short and long-term planning, including:

  • Attractiveness for Diverse Industries: This significant tax reduction makes the USVI an attractive location for a wide range of industries, including finance, technology, manufacturing, and services.

  • Real Estate Implications: For your audience in the luxury real estate sector, this tax incentive can signal an increase in demand for high-end residential and commercial properties, as businesses moving to the USVI will bring executives and employees who seek upscale housing and office spaces.

  • Long-Term Business Planning: The reduced corporate tax rate allows for more effective long-term financial planning and investment. Businesses can allocate more resources toward growth, development, and expansion activities.
The USVI's status as a U.S. territory adds a layer of legal and financial security, making it an attractive proposition for businesses and investors accustomed to the stability and structure of the U.S. legal system yet desiring the tax advantages and scenic beauty of an offshore location. To apply, review the application process and complete the VIEDC online application.

Ready to learn more about the VIEDC or USVI real estate?

The VIEDC tax incentive program in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a compelling initiative for businesses seeking substantial tax benefits in a picturesque and strategically advantageous location. Its impact on the local economy and the luxury real estate market can be significant, attracting a sophisticated clientele interested in business and leisure in this idyllic setting.

If you're ready to explore your future and the U.S. Virgin Islands real estate, particularly on the island of St. John, contact the Tropical Properties Real Estate & Development team today to start your island journey.

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